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The main services offered are the following:

  • Promoting guidance and counselling in support of the education of students.
  • Facilitating the transition of students from primary to secondary, from secondary to post-secondary, from post-secondary educational institutions to other educational institutions and/or work.
  • Providing curricular guidance, including subject options; choice of courses, etc. Providing personal guidance and counselling.
  • Providing information through various activities/materials/seminars both at school and systems level, such as: Career Exhibitions, Career Orientation visits/seminars, Information leaflets etc.
  • Keeping and updating cumulative record cards.
  • Referring students to other services and agencies according to their needs.
  • Promoting staff development in the fields of guidance and counselling.
  • Participating in/or conducting research projects related to guidance, e.g. Tracer study; Espad; Health Promoting Schools’ Project.
  • Facilitating education-industry-commerce-service links.
  • Facilitating parenting skills programmes and delivering talks.
  • Organising in-service courses and professional development sessions.
  • Organising seminars, talks and preventive programmes on guidance related topics.
  • Contacting parents regarding students’ holistic development and other specific problem.

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Guidance and Counselling Services

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