IDA - Interchange of Data between Administrations 

IDA is a European Commission driven strategic initiative to support rapid electronic exchange of information between Member State administrations. The objective is to improve Community decision-making, facilitate operation of the internal market and accelerate policy implementation. 

ACO - Association catalane d'orientation scolaire et professionnelle 

Association des conseillers d'orientation. Activités. 

AEGI - Adult Education Guidance Initiative 

The Irish Adult Educational Guidance Initiative consists of twenty-five guidance projects throughout the country with the aim of providing a quality adult educational guidance service to participants in VTOS, literacy and other adult and community education programmes nationwide. It's all about connecting adults with learning. 

Association national de Conseillers d'orientation en Espagne 

Point de rencontre federal des associations de conseillers d'orientation en Espagne 

DEALL - Distance education about Lifelong Learning 

DEALL is a project funded by the EuropeanCommunity as part of its Socrates-Grundtvig Programme. The DEALL partnership consists of ten institutions from five countries. The project will improve the quality of adult education in Europe by enhancing the knowledge and competence of course producers, teachers, managers and other staff in adult education 

Dialogue with Citizens - 

The European Commission has published a guide that gives comprehensive information on what action can be taken at local, national and European level if people or businesses have problems when trying to exercise their rights to live, work, travel and study anywhere in the European Union. 

Directorate-General for Education and Culture 

Home page of the Directorate-General for Education and Culture of the European Commission. 


ESTIA started as a 3-year pilot project within the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci programme ending in April 1999. The project was carried out in co-operation between Finland, France, Sweden and UK and aimed to facilitate mobility within Europe 

ETF - European Training Fondation 

The Foundation's mission is to contribute to the process of vocational education and training reform that is currently taking place within its partner countries and territories. It also provides technical assistance to the Tempus Programme. For the latest information on the Foundation activities, please see the Work Programme for 2003, 2002 and 200 

ETV - CEDEFOP Guidance for lifelong learning and career development 

These pages are intended as a resource both for the provision of information on recent European Union policy developments in guidance and for the exchange of views. 

EURES - European Employment Services 

European Employment Services (EURES) aims to facilitate the free movement of workers within the 17 countries of the European Economic Area. Partners in the network include Public Employment Services, Trade Unions and Employer Organisations. The partnership is coordinated by the European Commission. 

EUROGUIDANCE - LEONARDO National Resource Centres for Vocational Guidance (NRCVG). 

Euroguidance is the working title for the Network of LEONARDO National Resource Centres for Vocational Guidance (NRCVG). Established by the European Commission, the NRCVG are a network of resource and information centres, promoting mobility ... 

EURYDICE - The information network on education in Europe 

EURYDICE, the information network on education in Europe, produces reliable, readily comparable information on national education systems and policies. EURYDICE also acts as an observatory. Establishedb in 1980, EURYDICE has been ... (more) 

FEDORA - Forum européen de l'orientation académique - 

FEDORA is an association for those involved in all aspects of student guidance in institutions of higher education in Europe

GUIDANCEFORUM - A network for discussion, documentation, research and training in careers and educational guidance for adults via the Internet 

Who we are. Some of us are careers guidance practitioners either already conducting or interested in conducting careers guidance activities through the use of the Internet, others have been engaged in the study of careers guidance for a number of years. All of us are interested in studying and researching Internet potentialities. 

IAEVG - International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance - 

The Association's Newsletter is published three time a year and contains a variety of short topical pertaining to international events in educational and vocatoinal guidance. 

IAEVG - Qualification Standards for Educational Guidance and Career Service Providers 

The competencies have been identified as relevant for educational and career guidance counselors in an international context. The next stage of our project is to define the qualification standards for these professionals, based on former training and relevancy of the competencies to be included in future training programs. 

IEKEP - Institute of training and vocational guidance - 


INETOP- Institut national d'étude du travail et d'orientation professionnelle- 

INETOP is the only organization of the French Ministry of Education specializing, in the training of guidance psychologists. Followed by an competitive entrance-examination, the program is open to students who are licensed psychologists. 

IRIS - Integrated Reporting for International Students 

IRIS provides a service to both students and universities involved in Erasmus. Erasmus is an action under the SOCRATES programme and aims to facilitate and promote student and teacher exchanges between European higher education institutions 

International IAVEG Conference 

The 2003 International Conference is focused on the development of quality in vocational and educational counselling and on the promotion and support of quality. The conference will facilitate many privileged exchanges, on the personal, professional and socio-political level, with its plenary conferences, round tables or forums, and many work 

LABORIENT - "Guidance and Lifelong Learning Collaboration Network" - Joint Actions Project 

The LABORIENT project "Guidance and Lifelong Learning Collaboration Network" aims at developing a virtual collaborative lifelong guidance platform among guidance and advising professionals, policy makers and users, aiming at defining a new Lifelong Learning Guidance concept, model and strategies, with the regional level as the focus. 

LEONARDO DA VINCI - Community Vocational Training Action Programme DATABANK 



The matrix Standard is a national quality standard for organisations delivering information, advice and guidance services and is maintained and promoted by The Employment NTO for the Department of Education and Skills 

National Centre for Guidance in Education, Ireland 

The National Centre for Guidance in Education (NCGE) is an agency of the Irish Department of Education and Science with responsibility to support and develop guidance in all areas of education. NCGE's client groups include guidance practitioners at all levels of education. 

OECD - Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development - 

Country and Thematic Policy Reviews in Education . Documentation for Career Information and Guidance. 

ON THE MOVE - An interactive guide to study and work abroad. 

Please supply the following information before you start using the application: (If the version for your country and language does not exist click here to see if it may be available in the previous version of On The Move. More information in the web site. 

ONISEP - Office national d'information sur les enseignements et les professions - 

L'Onisep (Office national d'information sur les enseignements et les professions) est un établissement public sous tutelle du ministère de la Jeunesse, de l'Éducation nationale et de la Recherche. Notre métier - Offrir aux jeunes -à leur famille et aux équipes éducatives- toutes les informations sur les études et les métiers. 


Site web du Ministère espagnol d'éducation. Portail accessible, interactif et integré de ressources d'orientation pour l'éducation, la formation et l'emploi. Coordination et administration par le Centre National Euroguidance




This Portal provides information and services to assist Europe's citizens and enterprises carry out cross-border activities. For example, citizens who wish to move to, or enterprises that would like to establish a subsidiary in, another European country. 

SOP - Psychopedagogical guidance service - Ramon Llull University - Barcelona - SPAIN 

SOP is a psychopedagogical guidance service (SOP), addressed to students and teachers-tutors from the several Blanquerna Foundation centres: Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (FPCE), Faculty of Communication Sciences (FCC), University School of Nursing and Physiotherapy (EUIF), University School of Labour Relations(EURL)* 

The Virtual Community for Socrates-Grundtvig. Project Actors 

The Grundtvig Virtual Community contains hundreds of exciting projects. It exist a group constellation for project actors involved in the 2002 Grundtvig1 DPPC project, Development of Psychopedagogical and Professional Counselling Services project 

Workplace Guidance EU and EU applicant countries 

Leonardo project on guidance in the actual workplace: Guidance Corners in factories, peer guidance in terms of Learning Advisors/Educational Ambassadors