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"The European Dimension of Guidance & Counselling"

Objective of the project:

  • Share and exchange expertise in the field of vocational and career guidance and counselling to students in secondary schools, focusing on their educational, personal, social and career planning needs.
  • Develop our competence in the field of transnational Career Guidance and to incorporate the European dimension of guidance in our daily work as Guidance Counsellors and also career guidance with the disabled.

maltese flag Contact Person:

Photo of Peter Paul Buttigieg * Mr. Peter Paul Buttigieg B.A; P.G.C.E.; Dip. School Counselling (School Counsellor)

The Working Group:

Mr. Reno Schembri Dip. in Guidance & Counselling. (School Counsellor)

Mrs. Antoinette Muscat B.A; Dip. School Counselling. (School Counsellor)

Mrs. Rita Galea B.A; P.G.C.E.; Dip. School Counselling. (School Counsellor)

Mrs. Carmen Gouder Dip. In Guidance & Counselling.(School Counsellor)


1 - The Municipal Federation of Kemi-Tornio Polytechnic, Finland


finnish flag Contact Person:

Ms Annikki Pulkkinen

2 - Upplands-Brogymnasiet, Kungsängen, Sweden

Swedish flag Contact person:

Photo of Ms. Gudrun O'Sullivan Ms. Gudrun O' Sullivan

Project Management.

The Preparatory Plan started with the meeting on the 2nd October, 2003 with the Director of Education, Ms Mary Rose Mifsud.
A working group was formed and a contact Person was selected on a voluntary basis.
A formal meeting with the European Union Programmes Unit (EUPU) was held on 8th October 2003 to be briefed about the preparations for the Leonardo Project and its application form.
After a meeting with Mr. Brian Borg, the reference person from the EUPU unit, a Partner Search form was filled in accordingly and posted on the Leonardo Website. Through this Guidance and Counselling Services managed to make contacts all through emails, with different agencies from different countries, namely Finland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Denmark and Italy. During a meeting of the beneficiaries, Sweden and Finland where chosen as the partners who best met the objectives for the project entitled: "The European Dimension of Guidance and Counselling".
The next step was to agree on a working programme for all and meet deadlines in filling the Application Form which had to reach the Leonardo Da Vinci Office by the 13th February.
15.04.2004 is the deadline for evaluation and selection of applications.
16.04.2004 Results of the evaluation will be made public
If the project is approved and contract is signed, Guidance and Counselling Services plan to operate the exchange in two flows: 30th September to 7th October, the group will be visiting Upplands-Brogymnasiet, Kungsägen, Sweden. From the 7th to 14th October, the group will visit the Municipal Federation of Kemi-Tornio Polytechnic, Finland.
The return exchange of the two partners is planned for the 23rd to 30th October 2004, with a national seminar in collaboration with the EuroGuidance Malta addressing the Vocational Guidance And The New Challenges for a Lifelong Learning process.

Our Project has been approved together with Upplands-Brogymnasiet, Kungsängen, Sweden, while the proposal of The Municipal Federation of Kemi-Tornio Polytechnic, Finland was not accepted by the National Agency. However, the planned programme of our visits will go on as proposed.

At Skansen with Swedish Counsellors

Guidance and Counselling Services

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