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Mission Statement:

To provide a support service and an educational programme to unmarried pregnant minors, leading them to adopt a positive attitude towards motherhood while empowering them to pursue their career path.

The main services offered are:

      • Providing a guidance and counselling service to pregnant girls attending secondary schools, post-compulsory education, employed or unemployed as well as their boyfriends and their parents as required;
      • Providing psychological support through counselling and family therapy both individually and within a group/family setting;
      • Providing support to the pregnant girl and other significant persons during the pregnancy and after the birth of the child;
      • Program Tfajliet: this is a programme to prepare girls to become mothers, learning about the process of pregnancy, preparation to give birth, baby care, parenting skills. It also addresses issues pertaining to self-development, self-esteem, relationships, communication with family and partners, as well as in-law families if they are involved, with the aim of enhancing the young girl’s personal and interpersonal life;
      • School and Me: Educational programme aimed at enhancing the student’s academic development, in conjunction with the school they attend. This also includes career education;
      • Mothers and Babies Support Group: the young mother who has given birth attends Servizz Għozza with the baby where there is further education regarding mothering and support from peers, as well as educational outings aimed at good parenting and life skills sessions;
      • Midwife’s programme: a specialised programme aimed at empowering the young pregnant student from the medical and nursing aspect;
      • Nifhmu ‘l Uliedna fil-Bidliet: a service offered to parents of students in all colleges in Malta and Gozo, to encourage and train parents to communicate with their children about sex education;
      • Il-Boyz Bandiera Bajda… Jew le?: a seminar aimed at secondary school boys to promote prevention of promiscuity and inform about sex education;
      • Il-Girlz… Jien ser inbennen!: a seminar aimed at secondary school girls to promote prevention of promiscuity and inform about sex education;
      • Nanniet bla Ħsieb: a series of meetings with mothers and fathers of young pregnant girls and mothers and fathers of their partners where relevant offering support;
      • Liaising with other relevant agencies and organisations offering support  to the young mother and baby;
      • Liaising with, and advising, school administrators, guidance teachers and the College Psychosocial team regarding pregnant students according to specific needs of the student concerned;

Brief description of services click 

Għajnuna ‘l Ommijiet Żgħażagħ għal Żogħżija Aħjar

Contact Persons:

Ms Melanie Bonavia Counsellor /Officer in charge

Ms Yana Gatt Hampton

Ms Josanne Grech

Ms Eleanore Marmara'

Address: Student Services Department
Education Psycho- Social Services
Fredrick Maempel Square, Qormi,  
QRM 1515
Telephone Number: 21 243869
Referrals: Students themselves, parents, the Heads of Schools, the Guidance Teacher, School Counsellors, Education Officer, other teachers.


Upcoming event

An upcoming event for the service will be on Thursday 29th  October, 2015, when we will award certificates to all attending pregnant mothers that have successfully completed the full programme throughout the past scholastic year. 


Session in life Skills room   Cooking session at Servizz Għozza – a service for pregnant school girls and young mothers

‘Nifhmu 'l Uliedna fil-Bidliet’

“Nifhmu 'l Uliedna fil-Bidliet” is a programme offered by SERVIZZ GĦOZZA to Parents of students attending the public schools. This programme consists of a two-hour seminar, including a slides presentation, to help parents understand their children in their sexual development and to facilitate communication between parents and children on sexual issues. 

During this scholastic year, this programme is being offered to parents of Year 7 students in Secondary Schools only.

Click HERE for a schedule of seminars.

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